June 18, 2005
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Scoble says he was wrong

Microsoft blogger tried to defend his company's decision to blog words like "Democracy" in Chinese weblog titles. That, after all, is his job: he's Microsoft's face to the blogosphere, and it's his job (where he can) to explain what Microsoft is trying to do. (Where he can't defend Microsoft, as in the recent gay discrimination ordinance flap, he's shown he can be strongly critical of his employer.)

Today, Scoble reversed course.

My wife says I'm wrong.

My son says I'm wrong.

My best friends say I'm wrong.

My book co-author says I'm wrong.

All week long my coworkers have been coming by and saying I'm wrong.

Dan Gillmor says I'm wrong.

Rebecca MacKinnon says I'm wrong.

Now a bunch of Chinese bloggers say I'm wrong.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, I admit I'm wrong.