June 11, 2006
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When do you give up on a book?

I'm reading a fat novel right now. It's almost summer, the season for fat novels. I saw a good review, the setting is up my alley.

I'm in for about 150 pages. It's not bad, so far. But it's plot-driven, and not much has been happening. We just got to the first major plot twist, and I wasn't surprised. Is it time to give up?

I'm very slow to abandon a book, once I've gotten fairly started. Sometimes I'll read twenty pages and put the book on the stack. But I don't often give up half way.

I wonder whether that's a good policy. It seems immature, really, the voice of my parents wanting me not to waste the investment I made when I bought the thing. But what about the time, and all those other books on the stack?

Then again, someone worked very hard to get the remaining 400 pages into my hands. Maybe I owe it to them to shut up and listen.