June 21, 2007

More Verizon Saga

This morning, the Verizon DSL tech reports that he's seeing Forward Error Corrections at the Far End. So he thinks the problem is our router, or maybe our Airport.

Or maybe the problem is having Macs and PCs on the same network: he thinks that's bound to be chancy. He won't say he knows Macs can't be on a network with Windows machines; that would be succeptible to disproof. He just speculates that "maybe that could be a factor. I don't know.

Or maybe the filter on our fax machine has worn out.

And he says the real problem is that our wire is 26 gauge, and it ought to be 24 gauge.

I'm pretty sure all of this is hokum they invent in order to lead customers to think the problem is their equipment, while the real problem is back somewhere at Verizon. (My guess? There's a modem bank in Cambridge with a bad apple. Or an authentication server was down and nobody noticed.)

I despise this. Are other DSL vendors in Boston merely Verizon repackagers?