June 18, 2009
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Reading Hypertext

Reading Hypertext

Diane Greco and I are putting the finishing touches on an anthology of key papers on Reading Hypertext.

Today, we all read on the screen, and we find what to read by following links. The Web is continuing to transform the world, artistically, commercially, technically, and politically. But the Web is not print, and it’s certainly not television. What makes new media new? The link: the most important new punctuation mark since the comma.

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How do we write for a medium when we can’t predict what the reader might click? How do we read well, when we cannot read exhaustively?

Over the past twenty years, many brilliant scholars and writers have worked to understand how links operate, and to learn how to use them effectively. Many of these papers will be familiar to experts, some will be surprises, and others are completely new.

Publication date will be August 15, and Eastgate is now accepting pre-orders.