June 18, 2009
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Working With Tinderbox

A nice note on Tinderbox 4.6 from Clifford Wulfman, Coordinator of Library Digital Initiatives at Princeton.

I want to commend you once again for producing a superior tool.  I'm an old-fashioned man in many ways: I like my vintage hypertexts; I like my vintage development environments (emacs, please, and spare me your Eclipses); and over the years I've become an open-source supporter, if not exactly an evangelist.

But Tinderbox is a piece of software I've never regretted buying.  I've just spent a most productive day working through some design problems, and the way Tinderbox has allowed me to move seamlessly between visual and textual expression is simply unmatched.  I've fallen out of the blogosphere and haven't done anything with exports and agents for a long time, but it looks like all that apparatus has been improved extensively, and I'm looking forward to playing with it soon.