June 26, 2010
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Hypertext Drafts: The Big Note

Adrian Miles is writing a Tinderbox hypertext about the results of last year’s research sabbatical. The core is the current draft is a 5000 word note. He ponders whether he wants to divide it into a collection of smaller, focused notes.

The disadvantages, for me, of writing more hypertextually though are that if this 5000 word essay became five 1000 word nodes then to turn that into a publishable outcome, which nearly always still means a traditional essay, means taking these parts and reworking them quite a bit to make them work as an essay. It is not, technically, that difficult to do, though can be time consuming. It often involves a lot of editing because to write hypertext hypertextually often means writing things in relatively self contained ways. But the biggest problem is that I find finishing things, getting something from 85% finished to 100%, the hardest