June 22, 2012

Open Source

Today I wrote a program. It is very artful.

They can hang its output in a gallery.

Remediated mashup

With lolcats and codewerk

And an artist’s statement. Look at me!

Waste no time on bloggers, amateurish drudges,

Twittering consumerist fantasy!

I’ve got postmodern theory,

Sabbaticals and tenure and

A quote on any topic: interview me!

Let’s build a Web site with interactive movies,

It doesn’t need to mean much if it’s got 3D.

Monetize it fast with

T-shirts and memberships and

Lots of pretty popups. Just pay me!

My working group standard is buzzword compliant,

Any other plan would be a travesty.

Kickstarter ready,

Github enabled,

All I ask is that you will commit to me.

I’ll predict an Apple setback if you need more eyeballs,

Always fun to aggravate the bourgeoisie.

Manipulating stocks like an

Internet rock star

You can be a biz-tech writer just like me!