June 13, 2014
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At Work

Last Saturday, I dropped in on a Don Berwick meeting to see what needed doing. He’s a pediatrician, he’s running for governor here in Massachusetts, he’s a very impressive fellow.

It turned out they needed a convention whip in my district. So, on top of the usual accustomed chores, I’ve been trying to pull together the Berwick delegates for 5th Middlesex this week.

And naturally I’ve been doing a lot in Tinderbox.

Mostly, this is very straightforward: lots of lists.

This is trivial Tinderbox, but I really wouldn’t want to do this any other way. Need something sorted? With Tinderbox, just sort. With Word, well, you know how that story turns out. Spreadsheets could work — remember, I really like spreadsheets! — but we’ve already got six little spreadsheets here, and maybe we’ll need more, and moving things between spreadsheets is always a mess while Tinderbox notes go anywhere.