July 1, 2011
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A Year Ago

A year ago from ELO’s twitter fest:

Mark Bernstein: #eloai before we embrace the wisdom of crowd-sourced tagging, let's reflect on the tags that crowds would have sourced in 1934 Germany.
Dennis Jerz: @eastgate If Jews, Nazis and bystanders had all been tagging in public, on the global stage, for decades, might 1934 have been different?
Scott Rettberg: Deep thoughts with Mark Bernstein: folksonomical metadata developed by participatory community = nazism?
Diane Greco: @scottrettberg Um, yellow star? Tags simplify, so not value-neutral. Btw issue is antisemitism not "nazism." Labels again. #eloai

Good times. A year has passed, I’m no more sanguine about crowd-sourced literary criticism, and there’s not much evidence to show I’m wrong, is there?

Last year, I pointed out a few holes in their directory. As far as I can see, most of those holes are still there. How do you have a directory of resources on Electronic Literature without mentioning anything by George P. Landow ? And if there’s any trace of the research reported at Hypertext 2011, 2010, or 2009, I can’t find it.