June 21, 2011
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The Readercon program (Boston, July 14-17) is up. Lots of terrific topics. My favorite:

I've Fallen (Behind) and I Can't Get (Caught) Up 
In a recent blog post for NPR, Linda Holmes wrote, "Statistically speaking, you will die having missed almost everything.... There are really only two responses if you want to feel like you're well-read, or well-versed in music, or whatever the case may be: culling and surrender." How do you choose among the millions of books that you could be reading? Do you organize your "to read" books or are all your books "to read" books? How useful are book reviews, Amazon recommendations, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.? How do you budget your limited reading time? And how do you cope with the knowledge that you will never read everything you want to?

Lots of other great panels, including “Daughters of The Female Man” (on feminism in contemporary science fiction), “No Childhood Left Behind” (on how the growth of YA means that not everyone you know grew up with Pooh and Frodo), “Rudyard Kipling, Fantasist and Modernist”, and “The (Re)turn of the Screw” (on fantasy stories in which you aren’t entirely sure what is really a fantasy). The book club new fiction selection in Jo Walton’s Among Others. Of course.