March 24, 2002
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Oliver Wrede is intrigued by Tinderbox. Being from Köln, he's especially happy that Tinderbox anticipates the needs of writers who work in languages other than English! He worries that Tinderbox (and Radio Userland, which he also likes a lot) are too complex. And he'd like Tinderbox to be scriptable, like Radio Userland.

I think it's important to remember that we can use tools together. Choosing One Perfect Program used to be a good idea; nowadays, it's better to keep lots of tools on hand and to use each for what it does best. Radio Userland is about scripting; if you need lots of scripting, use Radio on the client side and Perl/Python/php on the server. If you need a great tool to keep track of your notes, use Tinderbox. When you need both, use both. What could be easier?