March 21, 2002
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The Treo is a new Palm-compatible cell phone from Handspring. Dan Bricklin liked the Treo a lot:

Many aspects of this device that are important to understand if you want to see where handheld computing is going.

I was so convinced by Bricklin's review that I bought a Treo. I've never used a cell phone before. It's very exciting. (The Treo is loud enough for comfortable use, even though my hearing is terrible)

Once again, the Palm proved a superb information appliance. My Treo works as a phone, out of the box. It works as a Palm, too. Better yet, a few minutes of beaming from my old Palm IIIxe to the Treo, and suddenly the Treo is my Palm: it knows my contact list, it knows the list of things I'm planning to write, it knows the itinerary for my upcoming trips.