March 15, 2005
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Adornments and Tinderbox 2.4

Tinderbox lets you add adornments to maps. Adornments sit in the background and organize space informally. They're a wonderful way to organize your notes as you make them, keeping things organized even when you're not yet sure how everything fits together.

Adornments and Tinderbox 2.4

In Tinderbox 2.4, you can lock adornments to the map. This makes it easier to move around and avoids unwanted slips.

Even better, you can make adornments sticky. If you move a sticky adornment, the stuff on top of the adornment moves too. Sticky adornments make it much easier to keep a quickly-growing information space neat. Avoiding premature commitment is the name of the game.

Memo to future designers: It's tempting to make every adornment sticky. But if you get a bunch of stick adornments in a close space, they tend to act like masking tape or cling wrap -- you get a sticky little information ball.

Adornments, incidentally, were introduced to the hypertext world in Dan Bricklin's original Trellix.