March 17, 2005
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Blue Ginger

Tinderbox makes it easy to keep lists and to keep track. For example, this blog lets me quickly remember what movies I've seen, and what books I've read, and (recently) what books I've bought.

I think I'm going to start notes on interesting meals, too. I've noticed that I'm paying more attention to food, and a lot of colleagues and correspondents are also paying attention.

We celebrate our anniversary is Valentine's Day; this year, we planned ahead and trecked out (on the 15th to avoid the rush) to Blue Ginger, Ming Tsai's famous fusion restaurant in Wellesley. I started with foie gras-shiitake shumai, which sound like a terrific idea. It was good, mind you, but, well, it's shumai. Maybe spicy, greasy pork is what shumai wants to be? The black pepper garlic lobster was everything you'd want it to be, really. (Well, you'd want it to be larger, but that's a good sign.) The real innovation here was that the lobster body was stuffed with a deliciously flavored rice which acquired lovely lobster flavoring while cooking. Very nice.

We had a Sancerre from Louis Challot, which was gorgeous.