March 29, 2005

...Is To Be Found Out

I've been listening to Keren Ann lately. Some of her lyrics are difficult for me because they're in French, but others are just difficult.

Close your eyes and roll the dice
Under the board there's a compromise
If after all we only live twice
Which life is the runroad to paradise ?

Now, in the old days I'd nod and say, "it means what it says" and point to those cellophane towers of yellow and green that are towering over your head.

Last year I heard Uncle John's Band again, and realized for the first time (I can be dense) that one of my favorite songs is probably on the wrong side of Jesus Freakery.

I live in a silver mine
And I call it Beggar's Tomb.
I got me a violin
And I pray you call the tune.

I always thought this was OK by me, but if it's John Baptist then, well, the specter of Pat Robertson and James Dobson seems embedded in that moment.

So... I wish I knew what Keren Ann was talking about.

A thought for drama and for weblogging: it helps to create cues to help readers know when you're being precise, when you're being lyrical, and when you're satyrical.