March 25, 2005


Last night, I made a nifty little salad.

First, throw a handful of mixed greens into each salad bowl.

Then, julienne a fennel bulb, and put a small handful of fennel on top of the letttuce. I'd add a bit of apple or pear here, too, if I had one handy.

Then, slice some rounds of goat cheese, and coat them with panko crumbs from the museum of fruits and vegetable. Put 'em on a baking sheet and run 'em under the broiler for a couple of minutes until they just begin to brown. Slide one or two on top of each salad.

Dressing? One part Stonehouse olive oil crushed with persian limes. One part cheap balsamic vinegar. A little salt, a little more pepper. Drizzle, eat.