March 30, 2006

Cheese Cupboard

Diane Greco picks up on cheese sandwiches -- and jump down a few days to a wonderful cheese sandwich about her daughter, JJJ, and the Pantheon.

Spring break in Rome. Not sure I need to say more... As usual Jane was a stellar traveling companion - stoic through the boring bits (like the 9-hour return flight, about which she made not a single complaint) and an amusing conversationalist on a variety of subjects. She loved the Hello Kitty store just off the Campo as well as the zoo, the gelaterias, and -- unexpectedly -- the Pantheon. The hole in the ceiling deeply impressed her and she had all sorts of ideas about how to fix it and what to do with the rain when it comes in.

Nick Tyler, who has Diane's aversion to permalinks, says that the smell of cheese sandwich is heavy in the air.

Lynsey Gedye explains something that puzzled Linda and I as we drove to Wellington and noticed that the high desert roadside was lined with small cairns, some of them elaborate and creative.

I took the opportunity of a warm early spring day to work on what, for me, is one of the most tranquility provoking activity I know - stacking stones. There’s something essentially calming in stacking stones - the minor dents and bulges have to be dealt with by turning and slight movements to find the balance points.

Update: There's an entire Web site on the "rock balancing art of Bill Dan".