March 22, 2008
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Personal wiki

I'm program chair for WikiSym, the ACM research conference on wikis.

We're going to have papers on corporate wikis, and public wikis, and wikipedia, and we'll have plenty of papers on microformats and social media and community building. But I also want to see some papers on wikiblogs and personal wiki.

And what better place to mention that than this place? I don't want the conference to go all pedantic about what is or isn't a wiki; if it's fast and light and has lots of links and you think that people interested in wikis will be interested in what you're talking about, then maybe for our purposes it is a wiki.

It's a very selective conference, but it's also unusually broad in its interests and unusually engaged in practice and implementation as well as theory.

Papers are due May 3. Want to talk about ideas? Want help with a draft? I'm the guy to see.