April 1, 2008
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Planning a Book with Tinderbox

The excellent discussion on novel planning in the Tinderbox forum led me to think about assembling some screencasts on the subject. Here's a rough introduction.

For a much better-quality movie, download the file (45M) and view it on your desktop.

I'd like to know what you think. Personally, I think this is too elementary. But your mileage may vary. Something like this might go onto the Tinderbox site someday; what do you think?

You could do better. I'd like that. Nothing here took special equipment, or knowledge, or very much time; it's a couple of afternoons of work with ScreenFlow and a microphone and the Tinderbook Air.

Have a better approach? Let us know how we can help. Equipment? Software? Money? You never know what we might be able to find. Email me.