March 29, 2008
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Tinderbox for Experience Designers

J. D. Hollis and I had an interesting dialog on Twitter today.

JDHollis: Working on the architecture for a friend's site in Tinderbox. I'm surprised that the UX community hasn't caught on to Tinderbox. Maybe a Windows version will change that

Eastgate: Tinderbox as a tool for experimental information architecture?!

JDHollis: Not necessarily experimental. Tinderbox handles just about every IA deliverable beautifully in a single document. In Tinderbox, the deliverables are alive—you can export directly to a prototype (which encourages you to update your deliverables). You can even collect client feedback via email and automatically incorporate that into the prototype.

That's why it surprises me that Tinderbox hasn't replaced Visio et al as the de facto IA environment. Visio is for dead trees.