March 13, 2009
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Proposal Notes

The first post on Tinderbox Dashboards certainly proved popular. Yes, there will be more dashboard discussion. And yes, I’ll be happy to share the files. (I’m using a slightly newer version of Tinderbox right now than we’re shipping, so we can’t share yet. But that should change very soon.)

Proposal Notes
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He’re a screen shot of a brainstorming session, a set of proposal notes that Robert Hackett put together and was kind enough to share. This is not “mind-mapping”: the point is not to reflect a mental state (and mind maps don’t really do that either). It’s idea mapping — quickly visualizing plans and relationships to make them clearer to your audience and to yourself, and in the process perhaps discovering new relationships and uncovering new things that need to be done.

I’d like to explore projects like this one – and the dashboard – at Tinderbox Weekend London.