May 17, 2003
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...'round midnight

In Maastricht, we switched today from the Faculty of Design to the Faculty of Theory.

The theorists are not, I suspect, well-disposed to new media, but it appears they do have a good time. Or so it seems, after several glasses of wine, at least two kinds of beer, a bottle of excellent champagne, a nice soave, some very, very good strawberries, and a 2am stroll across town from the elegant 4th-floor walkup where the theory crowd ultimately washed up. The cafes by Sint Servaas were closing, couples were ambling home or elsewhere, picturesque young people were sitting in picturesque cobbled gutters. It was very educational.

I have already learned a good deal about educational theory, architecture, and the materiality of the book. Pop culture index: Buffy is generally (but secretly) known. The Archers is known but unpopular. In fact, Ella is big. Also Kraftwerk and Koolhaas. Narrative is not very popular, and nobody has taken my van de Wetering pawn.

My, oh my.