May 18, 2004

Blogging and Cost

I've been thinking about money and blogging today, in part because so many people are writing about MovableType's pricing.

Blogging and Cost
thanks, ailaina

I can't seem to figure out how much I receive from this weblog. But I can figure out roughly how much I spend — mostly in time. The expense number is large. And I'm quite sure is profitable.

What has your weblog done for you? This weblog, over the years, has done me lots of favors. It's taken me to San Francisco and to Arizona and to Europe, twice. It's introduced me to lots of interesting people. It's got me to write every day -- I know lots of people who pay their workshops and mentors plenty of money to do just that. It's helped me get in touch with some fascinating writers. It's helped people to get started with Tinderbox and with Storyspace, and it's helped them get more out of these tools, and that pays the rent and buys the groceries. It's sold plenty of TEKKA subscriptions.

Thanks, Red!

The evident sourness of the Movable Type community in the face of a small, predictable price increase is dismaying. I say this, even though I work for a competitor.