May 5, 2004

TEKKA: Photo Stories

The hard part of using a digital camera for work is knowing what you might want to photograph. Derrick Story covers this nicely in the new Tekka: Digital Storytelling for Conferences and Big Events.

No, we don't want to see more dim, fuzzy pictures in which a microscopic key note speaker is barely visible from the second balcony. But we do want pictures: that's as true for your Trip Report after a business conference as anywhere else. Your company just spent a couple of grand, paying you to fly somewhere else; the trip report's the product that gives this expense a hope of lasting payoff within the company. Images, used wisely, matter.

The key isn't getting a better camera or better photo ops with Bill Gates. The key is knowing which pictures you need to tell your story -- and remembering to take them when the story is still unfolding.

TEKKA: Photo Stories
Heathrow. Three hours into my scheduled five-hour wait. It was 3am back in Boston. There was WiFi for sale in the lounge, which doubles as a mall.

You might not discuss travel in your trip report. But, if you do, you'll be glad you got some shots of the trip. Same thing for the trade show floor, lectures, client meetings. Get the pictures you may need to tell the story, and give yourself the best chance of being able to tell it well.