Sunday, May 16, 2004
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Take a few pounds of duck legs. Put them on a big sheet of heavy duty foil.

Take some fresh thyme -- go ahead, more won't hurt, and stick it in your chopper along with some juniper berries, allspice, black pepper, and a little bit of sugar. Add some minced garlic and a little bit of grappa. Now you've got a nice rub. Apply to the duck.

Toss in a little more thyme, and fold the foil into a tight little packet. Put it on a baking sheet in a slow (300F 149C) oven for two hours. Maybe a little more. Let it rest ten minutes.

Crips the duck legs in a hot nonstick saute pan. Serve with a nice little risotto — I'm thinking of a red wine risotto with tart blackberries as a substitute for champagne grapes -- or some potatoes. Thanks, Sally Schneider and Clotilde!

During that two hours, write a few weblog notes.