May 20, 2005


From time to time, people need me to send them a CV. I don't need one much, so mine's always gathering dust. (To get a visa a few years back, I had to send a complete publication list to an Asian Government, which meant I had to phone people I haven't seen in decades and ask them if they could remember what papers I wrote in grad school. Oy.)

Stuck at Logan for a couple of hours and wanting to test some new Tinderbox features, I put together this CV in Tinderbox. Nothing fancy -- each publication and talk is a note, and we've got simple templates for exporting sections, notes, and the whole shebang.

It's very likely got mistakes, and there are doubtless omissions. I'm sure I'm missing some early publications. I also rediscovered some forgotten friends, such as Chasing Our Tails.