May 4, 2005


Tiger's just out, and already Jeffrey and Doug and Alwin (and Michael Orchard too) are wondering about Spotlight and the other new stuff, and worrying that we're spending so much time on Windows that we don't love the new Mac platform.

Meanwhile, every day I don't mention TinderWin, we get anxious email from Windows folk who need Tinderbox for Windows right now and who are worried we spend too much time with the Macintosh people.

It'll take a little extra code-casting. It'll all get done!

Big point: Tinderbox runs fine with Tiger. Smile :)

Over the years, we've learned to avoid (when possible) trying to release a fresh version of software into the teeth of an OS update.

Do you have a cool Tinderbox -- one that looks really interesting at a glance? Great color scheme? Interesting overview? A lot of windows? Please send me a screen shot (big is good); I'd like to show a bunch of maps at an upcoming talk. (One research colleague has already written to ask for a peek for his thesis work, too. Not sure if yours is interesting enough? Send it, just in case)

Please email screen shots or Tinderbox documents to, preferably by Tuesday, 3 May.