May 31, 2006

Head to Tail

We went to Craigie Street for Tony Maws' chef's whim again this week, along with our friends visiting from Thailand.

It was a distracted meal. We paid more attention to our friends, whom we haven't seen in ages, than to the food. My car had gone dead in the parking lot, and so I had to call AAA and try to time the rescue and the meal and worry about how we'd get home.

And, while every course was tasty, some of the courses were adventurous. Craigie Street has a lot of respect for its patrons! One course featured cockscomb (in a broth flavored with spruce and pine nut oil). One course was cervelles, beautifully browned, with a delicious and perfect duck egg. But, slice it how you will, it's still offal. Very tasty, though.