May 11, 2006
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In every vegetable market from Borneo to Nome...

A while ago, Kathryn Cramer and Diane Greco shared the downstairs office at Eastgate. Though they each have wonderful weblogs, their weblogs are very different (and though Greco speaks German and Italian but not French, her weblog begins with the declaration that ceci n'est pas un blog).

Today, though, Cramer is writing a la Greco in a long and wonderful rant about immigration law, her first husband, and also (I think) about the difference between surface and structure. Things are seldom what they seem; skim milk masquerades as cream.

Back when I was young and naive and he lectured me about Marx and Lenin, I signed up for a philosophy class on the Philosophy of Marxism and I read all that. And then I discovered that his Communism was not about philosophy at all, but about lecturing to a young blonde who hadn't read what he'd read. Once I'd stolen that high-ground and started asking questions about the base and the super-structure, he retreated into computer stuff, which he was much better at than I was.

I took the Fortran course; he got the point.

Meanwhile, Diane (May 10) is almost finished with a short story:

The process is hellish, however. I've got a narrator whose favorite phrase is shut up shut up shut up, and her voice in my ear is insistent and terrifying, but that's what's so powerful about her and so I'm pressing on, getting my words in edgewise. It's a first-person story, too, so I can't even write around her....

....The Red Sox were so disappointing tonight.

Meanwhile, I'm slogging away at my chapter on the history of links.