May 11, 2006

Outline Text Size

Tinderbox is a tool for working with ideas. It's good for sharing ideas, of course, and that's important, but the central point is to make a powerful workshop for capturing and analyzing important and difficult concepts.

It's not about pretty pictures for the boss.

Still, it's always useful to have plenty of visible dimensions. I've just spent two days on an experiment that lets me create outlines where different items are larger and smaller.

Outline Text Size

Now, lots of outliners let you adjust the size in some rigid way -- usually, top-level items are one size, and second-tier items are smaller, and so forth. That's nice, but you already know what's indented and what isn't.

The Tinderbox experiment lets different kinds of notes inherit a font size -- so pages can be bigger than blog posts and other page components. Or, agents and rules can set the font size, so urgent things can be very big.

I'm not sure this is useful enough to justify the cost and complexity. (You'd think this would be easy, but I missed my saving roll....)