May 3, 2007

Near miss, good leftovers

On Sunday, I ran to the store for some milk and stumbled across a 4lb veal breast at $1.29/lb., with $2 off because today was its sell-by date. I made a batch of veal stock, and now I'm looking for tasty ways to use it.

For starters, I thought I'd try some pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon, seared, finished in the oven and served with sauce Robert. I blew it: the tenderloin was a little bland and I didn't have quite enough white wine for the sauce, and I think I also skimped on the mustard. So, very edible but not stellar.

There were leftovers, though, and so I sliced some of the pork this morning for a sandwich. I also grabbed some jalapeno jack cheese, left over from a quick queso fundido experiment. And you know, that adequate entrée makes a great sandwich.