May 30, 2007


More spring cleaning: everyone needs a place to stash Web clippings. Back in the day, I needed one so badly that I wrote Web Squirrel. Right now, I use Yojimbo.


Yojimbo comes free with Tinderbox. Why not use Tinderbox directly? Because I'd need to decide what to do with the clipping, and that might lead me to start wondering if I should save it in the first place. Won't it just become clutter? Won't it be in the way?

As a result, I spend too much time looking for things I found yesterday, or the day before, or last week.

So, I just dump everything that might be worth saving into Yojimbo. It's not a public endorsement, like or ma.gnolia. If it turns out that I don't ever need the clipping, it doesn't really matter. But, if I do find myself looking for something, there's a big stack of stuff in Yojimbo and a fast search tool for finding the needles in my haystack.