May 23, 2008
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Field Notes

These little notebooks are really nice. They're small and light — just 48 pages. They're filled with graph paper, which makes diagrams and sketches a snap but which doesn't get in the way of writing.

The inside front cover has a nice form for indexing, coordinating, and to help lost notebooks get home. The back cover has lots of interesting facts about the notebook — and a handy 5" ruler.

The paper is great for pencil and pen, and stands up nicely to the challenge of my medium nib Namiki Falcon (although the fountain pen ink does bleed slightly to the back side).

Eastgate sells three-packs for $9.95. And, for Memorial Day Weekend, if you mention Field Notes under “special instructions” when you order or update Tinderbox, Storyspace, or any of our fine hypertexts, we’ll send you a free Field Notes Notebook.