May 30, 2008
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Martin Spernau uses Tinderbox to design a Tarot deck.

I am using Tinderbox to design a fictional Tarot deck to be used in a very narrative oriented roleplaying game. Tinderbox' map view proved invaluable in mapping out the concepts from traditional Tarot and creating corresponding cards that fit well into the setting and theme of the game.

This has a wonderfully welcome-to-the-future feel, as if we've just stepped into a story by Asimov or Clarke where we're designing computers to design new religious rites.

M2 "The Empress" proved to be a surprisingly easy case. It's main concepts being Development, Growth, Nourishment, Training, Security and Assistance. One concept from M41 almost immediately sprang to mind: "The Schola Progenium", an institution that nourishes, teaches and trains orphans of imperial officials. Many high ranking officers - even some inquisitors - come out of this orphanage, and look back on their mentors and teacher there.