May 29, 2010
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BP’s short-term PR damage control campaign seems remarkably effective, but I can’t see how this will help them in the long run.

First, we seem to have a classic case of celebrating tentative success each morning (in time for the morning news shows), with gradual doubt emerging and confessions of failure (and resolve) timed after the East coast evening news. And we’ve got classic information containment, keeping unescorted press from getting good photo opportunities while confusing everyone with contradictory (and slow-coming) information.

Who is doing a good job of science blogging the disaster? The Houston Chronicle is said to be on top of the story, but I find their coverage superficial and surprisingly non-technical. Everyone points to the live feed the government compelled BP to share, but what, exactly, are we seeing (on those occasions – rare in my experience – when the feed is actually working)?

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Update: Suggestion: The Oil Drum (thanks Zon Owen) ☙ GulfBlog (thanks Doug Holschuh)