May 16, 2010
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Tinderbox Weekend was held at a delightful little hotel called The Rookery, cobbled together from several old butcher’s shops and charmingly remodeled. Unfortunately, last week they’d decided to upgrade their hotel software, and this created a raft of problems. Every morning, for example, I was thoughtfully provided with the Racing Mail, which I would think would strike the innkeeper as a very odd choice for a visiting American who was running a software conference all weekend.

And, thanks to the upgrade, the Internet didn’t really work. So, I was pretty much offline all week, and these posts are displaced in time. Of course, they’d be displaced anyway, and who knows when you will read them. (Thanks, Google!) But, still, this sort of remediation is interesting.

At Tinderbox Weekend and eLitCamp in Boston, I’ve been bringing currant scones right out of the oven. This would be difficult abroad, since the scones would cool off during the long plane flight and would probably be confiscated in Customs. Anticipating this, Gowan Clews filled the void with superlative Tiger Scones, which have mandarin orange and chocolate and are wonders to eat. And he’s just posted the recipe in the Tinderbox Forum!

He posted some extra recipes, too. Gotta try “Peash scones,” which are made with peaches marinated in schnapps.