May 8, 2011
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Twohig: Tinderbox For Planning Fiction

Another interesting Tinderbox comment from Appstorm on using Tinderbox to plan novels and a trilogy.

I have been using TB for just over a year and it has become my second top application after Scrivener. (I also use DEVONThink Pro)

I have planned a trilogy of novels on it, and a detailed timeline for the first novel.
I’m currently editing the first novel, which is to come out in February 2112, and I have set up my Scrivener screen so that the timeline occupies the lower third of my screen (though the Apps can be viewed together in other ways). I write using a 27″ cinema display running off a MacBook Pro, so this is a stunt that I can pull.

As for the trilogy, the plan is a work in progress using map view. But the power to manipulate the characters, events and relationships, and run what-ifs, has far exceeded my expectations.

As for the learning curve, my practice is to learn a new TB trick every week. Otherwise I’d go nuts.

Learning TB is like learning a musical instrument. At a certain point the frustration dissolves and it feels just plain good. Then you take it up notch, etc.

Here’s my prediction: for the rest of my life I will be using Scrivener and TB in tandem for all my novels.