May 23, 2012



A delightful time at Tinderbox Weekend Hamburg, where the Marine Training Center hosted a weekend of exciting and engaging discussions. With participants ranging from journalism to memoir, from the arts and the physical sciences to enterprise knowledge management, we had lots to explore.

And of course the Training Center’s simulators were fascinating to see – and sometimes shockingly realistic.


Special thanks this time to Linda Socias of Tafelzauber, who improvised a pair of delightful lunches at short notice. (I still want to know how to prepare the asparagus we had on Saturday, though I expect it will only work in spargelzeit and with better asparagus than one finds in Boston.)

I think this was the first Tinderbox Weekend in which just about everyone had already read the first edition of The Tinderbox Way. That’s amazing.

Stacey Mason has really got the introduction to Tinderbox nailed. And she’s got lots of new demos and screencasts that will soon appear at Tinderbox Tutorial Kit Volume 2. Of course, Mark Anderson remains the word’s premier Tinderbox consultant and troubleshooter.

Great Weekend, great company, great food, a lot learned!
I am still amazed what one can do with Tinderbox....Thanks again for the wealth of exampls on the [Tinderbox tutorial kit] USB stick – a real treasure. Plus I got some very valuable ideas on how to improve the visibility of my company using the timeline feature.
An interesting and inspiring #Tinderbox Weekend in Hamburg. Great location, great people, lots of new questions ;-)