June 1, 2014

Tinderbox Six

On May 21, 2012 – almost precisely two years ago, I created a new Tinderbox project to plan a new Tinderbox. The first journal note reads:

On the plane home from Hamburg, built a huge Tinderbox planning file by exploding the directory listing for the primary Tinderbox 5 source directories.

We have a surprising number of files, and some of those files contain a LOT of objects.

I may be in some trouble.

Tinderbox Six ships today. 101 development releases, 1704 commits, about 1600 files.

Here’s the original Tinderbox notice here at markbernstein.org.

This morning, I woke a little before sunrise and didn't work on Tinderbox. Tinderbox 1.0 shipped yesterday. It's finished. Until yesterday, there was nothing much like it, anywhere. Yes, it's a little like Storyspace, VIKI, Blogger, Agenda, PageJockey, and a host of other systems old and new. But it's a very new kind of software, and until yesterday, if this is the kind of software you needed, you were in a bad place. Now, it's done.