November 11, 2005
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Bywater on Tinderbox

Michael Bywater (whose Lost Worlds happens to be sitting on top of the "Books Bought" list in today's left-hand column) has a nice comment about Tinderbox 3.0.1 on MacUpdate:

Tinderbox continues to get better. True, it's not for kiddies who need their hands held, but if you have information to organise and manipulate, and know what you want to achieve, it's 99:1 that Tinderbox will be able to do it. The combination of outlining, visual mapping, extreme user-configurability and intelligent HTML export are unmatched in any other application I've found. With Tinderbox in tandem with DevonThink Pro and Mellel, you have an information-gathering system which will take you seamlessly from research to planning to producing finished output which is simply second to none.

By the way: writing about Tinderbox on sites like this, in discussion forums, and in your weblog really does help. Tinderbox is a new kind of software, and does new things. People aren't used to new software anymore....