November 30, 2005
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Collaborative Plotting

Like "pair programming", it seems to me that Collaborative Plotting For Large Groups takes a delightful but solitary experience and makes it into a dreadful social affair. But Martin Spernau's thoughts on how to organize a large live-action roleplaying event might make an intriguing Tinderbox application.

I'm currently reading the correspondence between H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw . Their efforts to coax the Fabian Society into something useful and beneficial have the same feeling: both men wanted to write but felt they really ought to spend part of their time putting this nascent party or movement on a sound footing. The two often opposed each other, usually with great energy; Shaw is frankly gleeful at recounting how he had just out-maneuvered, demolished, and humiliated Wells in a debate, with helpful advice as to where Wells had blundered and what Wells should have said.