November 26, 2005
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Joel's Reading List

Joel Spolsky has posted a proposed reading list for his firm's new management trainees. It's got some fine books -- lots of my personal favorites. It misses a bunch of hugely popular clunkers. It's got a wonderful breadth of interest -- from entrepreneurship to graphic design to version control. It doesn't shy away from technical depth.

But there's not a lot of analytical depth, at first glance, among the business books.

3 years, 75 books. I guess that's fairly impressive, these days. A bunch of these books are fluffy, but some are not, and we're not in college anymore; you need to leave your employees some time for reading fiction, history, biography, whatever they want to read. And, are these books to be read on company time?

What would the New Media version of Spolsky's list look like? I imagine that Tekka would probably pay well for a thoughtful opinion....