November 10, 2005
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Tinderbox 3.0

Tinderbox 3.0

Tinderbox 3.0 is out. You can download it here.

It's very cool. There's plenty of fresh new power -- especially in rules and agents. Rules and actions can perform calculations, which gives you some very exciting opportunities for building really smart note-making environments. It's easier to hoist outlines. You can adjust tab stops. And there's lots of new power for exporting.

The map-drawing system and the parsers for rules and templates are completely new. This won't change your life right away, but it streamlines the code to make it faster and lighter, and it's a vital foundation for Tinderbox for Windows. Lots of little loopholes and exceptions have been cleaned up, so complex rules are much simpler now. For example, you can now write a simple conditional rule: if(the condition) { do this } ; if you live in Tinderbox, you'll find many opportunities to use this!

I'm on the way to Tinderbox Day Seattle and Tinderbox Weekend San Francisco. It's going to be terrific. I'll tell you more about Tinderbox 3.0 over the next few days, hotel internet connections permitting.