November 26, 2005
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Tinderbox Notes

Mark Anderson's marvelous Tinderbox reference -- aTbRef 3.0 -- is now online. You can also download the Tinderbox file.

Jonathan Leavitt's writes a note on last week's Tinderbox Weekend:

Last weekend was Tinderbox weekend in San Francisco, an annual event where users of Tinderbox software get together with Mark Bernstein of Eastgate, a Massachusetts company that sells cool and effective tools for hypertext, note-taking, clipping organization, and writing. In my opinion, Tinderbox is "Photoshop for Writers." Just as photographers and graphic designers may use Photoshop to perform just a few tasks for their images, they may not take the trouble to learn the many features the powerful Adobe product contains. Tinderbox is a superb note-taking tool, great for clipping info from the Internet, jotting down ideas, making outlines, and writing documents of any kind, with or without graphics. It can, however, do much, much more than that...

I just exchanged email with a fellow who had overlooked the Tinderbox manual entirely. It's packed with every download, so you can't miss it. I wonder how many people do miss it? Oh dear.