November 24, 2006

After Action Report

It was cold and gray, and it had been raining since dawn. I was nervous about the bird. I briefly considered resorting to the oven. I checked the index of Cooks to see what they said about rain. On the subject of grilling in the rain, Cooks is silent.

Cooks does recommend cooking the turkey upside-down for the first half hour. This charred the turkey skin badly, but otherwise the turkey turned out very nicely indeed -- and right on time. (The turkey has been running late for years, but this year's fire was hot, lest it sputter out in the rain entirely.)

I stuffed this year's turkey with a quartered onion, a quartered apple, and a quartered lime in place of the conventional orange. It worked well. Kathryn used limes, too, and had the clever idea of tracking the turkey tag for flickr through the course of the day!

We followed up with The Fellowship of the Ring.

After Action  Report
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