November 9, 2006

Saturday Night Pickup

It was almost 5 before I got around to grabbing some groceries, and since both Linda and I have been traveling lately the cupboard was bare. Or, more precisely, it had some gaping holes and some science experiments.

I had some smoked duck left from Vermont, and some seedless black grapes from last week's grilled trout with crushed grapes. So that made a salad.

I wanted to do something rich and wintry, but was already too hungry to wait for a braise. So, I bought some short ribs to braise tomorrow and splurged tonight:

The lamb is an indulgence, but everything else is staples and leftovers. The cream in the gratin is a caloric indulgence, but we don't need to have much. It makes a lovely foundation for the lamb, with a spoonful of that nice wine sauce ladled over everything.

I'm rusty and the kitchen is all ahoo, but it's still an hour meal. Lots of code to write: tempus fugit.

Know a good source for some inexpensive duck legs? Email me.