November 17, 2006
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Last night, I was standing at a subway station in City of Heroes when a twin sister I'd never met walked out of the train, said hello, and flew off as if nothing happened.

Now, clothes shopping is not my favorite thing, but a part of this game turns out to be dressing the role. In a world of superheroes, I'm an oddity -- a small and mundane young woman with blue manga hair, a cool leather jacket, jeans and mirrorshades.

Don't ask me about shoes. I actually had a total stranger walk up to me in Atlas Park and tell me that my outfit was great but I just had to do something about those shoes. I can't get shoes right. Sue me.

Every day you see cat-women and spiny hulks and lots of people in tights. You see green fox-headed heroes and cowled crusaders. But you don't see a lot of characters who are dark-skinned (blue, yes. Asian, no), and you don't see that many characters in street clothes.

And here Except she was someone else, and she was 14 levels more powerful, and her clothes were even more expensive than mine. But it was uncanny: the same blue-black hair. The same sunglasses. The same leather jacket and jeans. (She had a different shirt, a better shirt: I'll have to figure out how to get one like it.)

How? Why? And where will this end?