November 16, 2007

Tinderbox Weekend Boston

We're setting the table for Tinderbox Weekend Boston this weekend. It's going to be great: everything from Tinderbox for plotting to using Tinderbox on location when the film you're shooting is not exactly what you had in mind.

Tinderbox Weekend Boston

We always make a few extra copies of the handouts as a Remote Membership package. It's not designed (unlike most everything else we do at Eastgate) to be a great deal. It's a way to support Tinderbox Weekend if you can't come. You get a copy of The Tinderbox Way, a CD filled with sample files and presentations, and your very own nametag lanyard.

For this batch, there's a little bonus: I spent an afternoon behind the microphone and worked up a screencast of the slides and audio from my recent OOPSLA Lecture on NeoVictorian Computing. So, if you'd much rather watch and listen to the talk on your iPod than read about NeoVictorian Computing here, now you can.

Support Tinderbox Weekend
Tinderbox Weekend Remote Membership: $75

You can always remove it later.

We've only got a few extras; get 'em while they're hot. All gone! But we'll have some extras for Tinderbox Weekend San Francisco, December 1-2.