November 27, 2007

Tinderbox Weekend Program

I'm pulling together the final program for Tinderbox Weekend San Francisco. It's going to be a remarkably strong set of talks!


  • Mark Bernstein: NeoVictorian Computing: directors' commentary
  • Michael P. Fitzhugh: Tinderbox — Noting The News
  • Bill Humphries: Tinderbox and Second Life
  • Cathy Marshall: Roots of Spatial Hypertext


  • Mark Bernstein: What's New in Tinderbox?
  • Douglas E. Miller: Using Tinderbox to Support Web Application Development
  • Greg Ibendahl: Project Management with Tinderbox: A Visual Approach
  • Tom Webster: Necessary Tangents: An Organic Inquiry into Consumer Behavior With Tinderbox
  • Rosemary Simpson: A Virtual Trip Report in Tinderbox


All this is subject to change, of course. We're essentially sold out, but we're working to arrange some extra space or, at least, some extra chairs. We're also setting up a special one-day registration for Sunday, when we have a larger room. And, once again, we'll have a few remote memberships available if you can't get to San Francisco and would like to have a copy of the Tinderbox Weekend CD.

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Tinderbox Weekend Remote Membership: $75

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