November 24, 2007

We need a logo

We need a logo

WikiSym '08 will be in Oporto, Portugal, next September. WikiSym already has a base graphic identity, but we could really use a logo for the year.

We need a logo

Hypertext '08 will be in Pittsburgh, June 19-21. It needs a logo, too.

Want to lend a hand? It's hard for academic conferences to pay much (or anything) for graphic design, because the chance of corruption is too big. And you wouldn't want a conference for a client, because they'd bland you until nothing was left.

But if you'd care to spend a few hours on a dazzling concept for a logo (and maybe show how it could extend to a poster, memo letterhead, and name badges), I think either conference could reciprocate by getting your name (or your firm) in front of lots of interesting people, from prominent speakers and researchers to book publishers and sponsors and civic authorities.

In other words, if we fall in love with your logo, I'll try and make sure we do right by you. Want to give it a shot? Email me.

Warm Regards,
Tom Sawyer